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About the Founder

The well-rounded overachieving Lou Matthews Joshua Jennings, also known as the “Real Estate Shark” loves the game of investing. This was not something that happened overnight.

The journey began around the year of 2012. Joshua had a mind shift change when manufacturing jobs he worked at were not fulfilling his purpose. He wanted to become a wealthy man and not answer to a boss that could fire him. He wanted to be “The Boss,” and that’s when the sacrificing began. He continued to work dead in jobs and ran a newspaper route while living in low income housing with his then girlfriend (which is now his wife).

He saved $300 weekly out of his pay checks. He stopped vacationing & shopping, kept his refund check from college and was able to save over $20,000 in one year. While in class one day, Joshua knew a real estate auction was coming up, so he went on auction.com to bid on a property, and won.

He purchased his first investment property for $9,500. The repair cost was around $9,000. He used the home as a rental property and made $700 monthly. That same tenant is still in that property today. Joshua saved and sacrificed for another year and purchased the next home for $21,000 at a local foreclosure auction.

After purchasing two homes with cash money, he realized that he needed to try a different strategy to not use all his cash on hand. After much research he discovered the “BRRRR” (buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat) strategy would benefit him the most. He then refinanced those two properties and obtained $120,000. With that money he bought four more rental properties “All Cash” and the ripple effect began. These strategies catapulted him into owning millions of dollars worth of real estate properties. He was able to fix and flip properties also. Now he makes over $20,000 a month of residual income from 29 single family homes. He was able to retire at the age of 33 and became a full time real estate investor, business owner, and entrepreneur. This is how Joshua became the millionaire “Real Estate Shark” he is Today


The Blueprint to Financial Freedom
The Blueprint to Financial Freedom

This course will teach you how to find deeply discounted properties and how to get started with real estate investing

  • You will learn how to acquire the money you will need to purchase rental properties and buy fix and flip properties
  • You will learn about the  BRRRR strategy and how it can be the most effective real estate purchasing option
  • You will learn about the 5 main exit strategies
  • You will have direct access to the real estate private lenders and hard money lenders to gain capital to gain properties and much more
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One on One Mentorship Program
One on One Mentorship Program

In addition to the subjects in the Shark Academy Real Estate Program, you will receive

  • Weekly educational Zoom calls
  • Landlord contracts
  • Budget Sheets,
  • Step-by-step blueprints for closing your first deal
  • Telephone guidance with Joshua Jennings to help you close deals
  • An personal guidance
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